Baking Soda and Hives

During one of my late night/early morning itch fests due to my hives, I did some online research at 4am.  I wanted to see what other "home" remedies people had tried and worked to help relieve the pain and itchiness with hives.  I'm come to accept that I may be allergic to my hormones because of this little baby girl, so my fate may mean that I have hives until she is born.  In any case, I have stopped eating nuts, strawberries, and melons.  I should eliminate chocolate next because I've seen on some sites that it can be a common allergen.  

Anyway, I saw on one person's posts online that whenever their hives would break out and itch they would put a little baking soda in a little water and then rub it on the hives.  So, this is what I have been doing for about 3 days now.  

I am happy to report that it helps with the itching better than anything I have used (which includes the cortisone prescription my doctor gave me).  The hives haven't gone away entirely, but seem to subside now and then in places.  I have had a few new ones pop on (2 on my neck, one large one on my face near my eye, my upper legs), but mostly still arms and hands.  

I am thankful for the relief I have received from the baking soda and have stopped using the other creams and will just keep using this for now.  So, that is the hive update for anyone who was wondering.  


Michele said...

eggs are also a common allergen. and have you tried oatmeal baths? i'm a fan of the bath in most forms, but have not myself tried immersing myself in breakfast food. Ang did it for soraya and said it helped her itching at least for a temporary fix.

Jniniffer said...

Hi there... I found your blog doing a search on home remedies for hives. I also started getting hives the day before my positive pregnancy test. I see this post is 2 years old... but did your hives go away after you had your daugher? I'm going insane here! please email if you would at jniniffer@hotmail.com